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Intellectual Property is Your STRATEGIC SUPERPOWER Increase Your Competitive Edge. Play Video

We help growth-focused entrepreneurs, innovative companies, and small business owners identify, protect and manage the intellectual property on which their success depends.

Visit our Resource Library to start learning more about Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Trade Secrets and why they matter to your business.

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Are you leaving money on the table?

As a successful business owner, you have tons of ideas, knowledge, and expertise floating around in your head — or on your Google Drive — but have you found a way to consistently convert them — all of them — into new products, services, and offers?

(HINT: If you’re like most business owners, there’s a good chance you’re selling yourself short.)

It’s time to tap into the power of your intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Attorneys & Strategic Business Advisors

Helping you identify, protect, manage, and monetize your valuable Intellectual Property, so you can build and grow a strong, competitive and sustainable business.

  • Who We Are

    At The Keller Law Firm, we are attorneys and strategic business advisors helping small to medium-sized businesses leverage legal protections to secure their position in the market and spur growth. Led by Kelley Keller, a veteran IP lawyer and business educator, our firm provides essential guidance to thoroughly troubleshoot your business, discover points of vulnerability, and implement safeguards for your IP. Businesses thrive when there’s something unique and exceptional about the way they produce products of deliver services. But that success can wain when imitators enter their market sector. The IP protections we provide empower you to claim your distinction and retain your competitive advantage for long-term success.

    Who We Serve

    Although we help entrepreneurs at any stage of business development, our assistance is most crucial for you if your business has been operating successfully for three to seven years and is ready to grow. At the pre-takeoff stage, when you’re courting investors, expanding to new locations, or considering franchisement, you simply must protect your IP to minimize risk and maximize potential profit.

    Our Intellectual Property services

    Intellectual property refers to any original concept which you have put into a tangible form. Unquestionably, your business’ IP is your most important asset. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t fully appreciate their IP’s value until it’s been threatened or is gone. Can you identify your business IP? Can you list the affirmative legal steps you’ve taken to protect it? Are you certain that none of your competitors are infringing on your IP? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it’s time for a consultation with a knowledgeable IP attorney.

    The Keller Law Firm provides top-to-bottom IP protection services, which include:

    Trademarks and brand strategy — Claim your place in the market with a distinct mark that separates you from the competition and protect that mark from copycats who would dilute your brand.

    Copyrights and creative works — Protect your creation from unauthorized use and monetize your work with licensing agreements.

    Websites, social media and online business — New media presents new challenges for IP. Our services keep you ahead of the curve.

    Confidential information and trade secrets — Don’t let your “secret recipe for success” leave the company with a disgruntled employee. When your secrets are secure, so is your future.

    The IP protections you require rely heavily on the specific facts and circumstances of your business. Our law firm provides personalized care, so you get pertinent and powerful service.

    We have extensive experience assisting:

    Product-based businesses — We support manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Our clients are also brick/mortar and e-commerce vendors, including Amazon sellers. They are engaged in various industries, such as fashion and apparel, food and beverage, wineries, breweries, digital products, such as software and mobile apps, e-cigarette products, and even medical marijuana dispensaries.

    Service-based businesses — We advise professional and medical service providers, certification programs, coaches and consultants, marketing and advertising services, website creators, and graphic design artists, as well as content creators for arts and entertainment, such as photographers, videographers, writers, bloggers and podcasters.

    Secure IP makes it easier to attract investors, obtain lines of credit, hire executive talent, and take so many of the other steps necessary to grow your businesses. There are subtle differences in the IP protections available for different business sectors. Fortunately, we can cover it all.

    Our business services

    Although IP protection is a major focus of our law firm, we are also able to provide a full range of business law services for companies that are not large enough for in-house counsel.

    Starting a business — Our business attorneys assist with all aspects of business formation, including choice of entity, operating agreements and bylaws, licenses and permits, tax election, ownership and partnership agreements, and risk management.

    Running a business — We advise business owners on important legal aspects of business operations, including governance and compliance, employment and contractor issues, business contracts, marketing and advertising, and resolving disputes.

    Growing a business — When it’s time to expand your company, our attorneys advise you on the important legal aspects of creating new streams of revenue, licensing, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.

    Protecting your legacy — Small businesses often face challenges transitioning from the founding generation to a successor. Your succession plan can be as simple as listing the business as personal property transferred in your will. Or, your circumstances might require a more detailed plan implemented in stages. We help businesses and their owners develop viable succession plans that preserve your formula for success while allowing for innovation and maintaining customer goodwill.

    For these and all your business legal needs, you can rely on The Keller Law Firm.

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Contact our law office for essential business and intellectual property services

Intellectual property protection can be the difference between a business that plateaus and dwindles and one that generates sharp and sustainable growth. To maximize your profit potential, get reliable and detailed Intellectual Property protection from The Keller Law Firm. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

It all starts with a simple — but radical — paradigm shift.

You need LIKE Legal Global

There are plenty of fabulous lawyers who can help you manage risk, but as an entrepreneurial business owner, You need More.

You need a skilled legal strategist who can not only manage risk, but can help you create immeasurable value in your company by capitalizing on the single most important resource in your business - your intellectual property.

You need a skilled legal strategist who can leverage the law as a useful - and usable - business tool for converting brain power to business power.

You need a skilled legal strategist who can provide a comprehensive, strategic, and practical roadmap for growing your business in our hyper-competitive information economy.

You need LIKE Legal.
And we’re ready to lead!

We've cracked the code and developed a turnkey process for leveraging the law to transform your ideas, knowledge, and expertise into products and services capable of creating sustainable business wealth. We call it...

The LIKE Method

Recognizing the need for a practical and workable framework for small businesses to leverage their intellectual property into competitive advantages sustainable in our modern - and highly complex - knowledge-based economy, we created The LIKE Method, a proprietary process for extracting and leveraging your most important and strategic business assetsideas, knowledge and expertise — to create new sources of business value.

Simply put, by marrying legal and business strategy, we’ve solved the riddle for showing business owners, content creators, and brand owners how to convert their innovation to profits.

The hallmark of The LIKE Method is the unique way we approach asset identification, protection, and commercialization.

By identifying and organizing all existing and prospective ideas, knowledge, and expertise, aka assets, into three specific buckets, we create a 360° view of your current - and potential - business value. This unique vantage point allows us to become intimately familiar with every possible source of innovative value in your company and the infrastructure needed to create profitable products and services.

Intellectual Assets
Human Assets
Structural Assets

Then…the magic happens.

With a firm grip on the nature and scope of your unique assets,
we roll up our sleeves and help you find the hidden revenue in your company’s
treasure chest of untapped intellectual capital.

And here’s how we do it...

Welcome to The LIKE Method, our unique process for transforming your innovation to profits.

The LIKE Method

Most business owners and entrepreneurs have a decent grasp on the obvious intellectual property assets they have: a trademark or two, a handful of domain names, and some content protected under copyright law.

But, they are usually ill-equipped to understand the potential power of those assets or to spot the unknown assets hiding just beneath the surface, many of which are little gems desperately waiting to be discovered and commercialized.

Let's Go!

What if you had a legal team that could:

  • Help you find revenue

    producing opportunities lurking inside your portfolio of intangible assets, even if those assets are completely disorganized

  • Teach you how to

    strategically leverage those assets into sellable products, services, and offers others are clamoring to buy

  • Deliver spot-on

    legal and business strategy at every turn

  • Explain complex

    but necessary — legal terms in a way that makes sense - no gobbledygook allowed

  • Give you the tools

    you need to create and sustain your competitive edge in an IP-driven and technology-enabled marketplace

  • Show you how to

    become one of the savviest and most strategic business owners in your industry by making the most of everything your business has to offer

Take a sneak peek at some of our amazing success stories...

The Client Hall of Fame

A look at several businesses that learned how to leverage their knowledge and ideas into wealth-creating assets

Brain Power

Feel Empowered

Feel Empowered

Too many business owners are missing out on amazing opportunities to generate business value from their ideas, knowledge and expertise by not understanding how the law can work for them... but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you work with LIKE Legal, we champion you to embrace the law so you can find and exploit these opportunities.

Yes! Count me in!

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Serving Clents in 50 States and Internationally

Serving Clents in 50 States and Internationally